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Date Venue With
March 8th, 2003 TBA Terratomb, Thy Flesh Consumed
June 30th, 2001 The Pavilion Terratomb, Burning Moon, Hellacaust, Esthesia, Solemn Passing, Fear Absolute, KAOS, Desecration of Humanity, Cradle
April 27th, 2001 The Pavilion Burning Moon, Hellacaust
December 16th, 2000 The Pavilion Terratomb, KAOS, Solemn Passing, Hellacaust
October 28th, 2000 The Pavilion Hellacaust
October 6th, 2000 Gobblefest, Sydney Terratomb, Association Area, Esthesia, In Vain
August 26th, 2000 The Pavilion Terratomb, Subservient, Cradle
May 26th, 2000 The Pavilion Terratomb, Burning Moon, Subservient, Malpractice
April 29th, 2000 Salle Paroisiale, Rimouski Neuraxis, Remembrance, Jerks, Utopy, Disconcert
March 12th, 2000 The Pavilion Terratomb, Morbid Instinct, Overkill (not that one)
February 11th, 2000 The Pavilion Falling Short, Terratomb, Subservient
May 21st, 1999 The Pavilion Martyr, Necropolis
May 2nd, 1999 Cafe Kaos, Montreal Vociferation, Aphasia
May 1st, 1999 Club Atomic, Rimouski Insanity
April 10th, 1999 The Pavilion Jaww, Terratomb
March 5th, 1999 The Pavilion Wohedness, Deadlock, Virus, Bravura
February 5th, 1999 The Bike Shop Terratomb, Burning Moon, Wohedness, Soundproof
January 29th, 1999 The Pavilion Terratomb, Existench
November 20th, 1998 The Pavilion Burning Moon, Terratomb
October 31st, 1998 Lions Club, Wolfville Terratomb, Burning Moon, Wohedness
October 9th, 1998 The Pavilion Virus, Acrid Heir, Rosemadder
July 30th, 1998 The Bike Shop Burning Moon, Wohedness
July 25th, 1998 Valleypalooza Civil Carnage, others..
June 26th, 1998 The Bike Shop Jaww, Existench